QOC LogoOur models will demonstrate your merchandise at your special events and answer questions for the purpose of creating public interest in buying the product.

Our QOC models work in a variety of locations. QOC models generally are anywhere with large crowds and potential for retail sales. They may offer samples of products in stores or generate awareness through contests or by distributing brochures in public. QOC models also give product demonstrations. By acting in a way that conveys trust and ease of product use, QOC reps help inspire market confidence in a product and its manufacturer. Some promotions are designed to generate immediate sales through impulse buying, such as QOC models in shopping malls that offer perfume samples to women passing through a department store, while others increase the potential for future sales through brand awareness.

Our QOC models possess good communication and people skills, a pleasant appearance and congenial personality. They are individuals who are comfortable with public speaking and interacting with people of all backgrounds. As individuals we pose the ability to use humor and spontaneity to create immediate interest in your products: a sure combination for well-suited success.

Because we can’t teach a person to be personable our training is always “on the job training”. On-the-job training is the standard method of obtaining the knowledge for our QOC models. With the combination of our training and the provided product-focused training, our QOC models familiarize themselves with the product and demonstrate it appropriately there’s no way to lose. The training provided varies depending on the complexity of the product. Some products, such as computers, may require specialized training in related areas other products may require knowledge of the manufacturer's corporate vision, customer service and sales strategies.


Some of our services are listed below:

Catwalk Models 
Fashion Models
Photographic Models 
Print / Media Models
Promotional Models 
Trade Show Models
Corporate Hostess 
Car Shows
Holiday Parties 
Hospitality Staff
Bikini Models
Hospitality Staff
Television Extras 
Poker Nights
Birthday Parties 
Promotional Products 
Event Management 
Sporting Events
Flyer Distribution
Product Launches 
New Store Openings
Alcohol Promotions 
Nightclub Promotions
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